Helpful hints
Prerequisites for a home inspection:
  • The home and owner should be set-up for an inspection.
  • Access to all areas of the home to be inspected. Attics, electric panels, crawl spaces, heaters, A/C’s, water heaters, and garages etc.  All utilities should be turned on.
  • All appliances and HVAC systems should be ready to operate.
  • Pilot lights lit.  
  • A/C unit should have power to it for at least 24 hours prior to an inspection.

Common misconceptions about home inspections:

  • Clients need to understand that there are limitations to any home inspection.
  •  As hard as we try we cannot see through walls, see under the flooring, see under the ground, predict what will happen in the future, or tell you how long something will last.
  • Home inspections are a visual evaluation of the home, lasting only a few hours, and are not intended to be technically exhaustive.
  • Inspections are not building code compliance tests.
  • The home inspection process is different from a home appraisal.  Home inspections are not an extensive evaluation of any biological or environmental hazards.

New Home Builder's

Warranty Inspection

New home inspection scheduled approximately 11 months after closing, but before your new home one year builder's warranty expires. Covers all the same components as our general inspection.  This inspection is very good peace of mind for the new home owner and can save you thousands in repair costs.

Additional Real Estate  Inspection Services

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Multi-Unit
  • Swimming Pools
  • Specific System Inspections - Mechanicals, Roof, Foundation, etc.

Please contact us with your specific requirements!

Employee Relocation Home Inspection

A Houston area special service! 

Rapid response time home inspections and digital photography for employees and employee relocation companies.  Services vary. Please contact us for your specific needs. We are here to help.

Home Seller's

Pre-listing Inspection

Scheduled prior to listing your home.  We will help speed the negotiation period with your potential buyer by giving you advance knowledge of any repair and safety issues of your home prior to putting it on the market.  This allows you to identify and repair any items before they “pop up” during closing with your buyer.

Texas New Home Phase Inspection Service

New Construction (Completed Inspection or Phased)

Texas Comprehensive Home Inspection Service

Complete and thorough visual inspection of all major components of your home.

ION Home inspection