Texas New Home Phase Inspection Service
All SAFETY concerns will be brought to your immediate attention.   New Home buyers are seeking peace of mind and a quality assurance from their new home builder phase inspection.  ​There is nothing worse than making the largest purchase of your life and something is wrong that is potentially very costly or dangerous, You bought a new home to get exactly the features you want and to avoid the head aches of costly home repairs.   Ion Home Inspection specializes in new home builder phase inspections to help you get the home you will be happy with for many years to come. Builders in the Houston area are building at a very rapid pace.  As a result there are some disturbing trends in the quality levels in some of the new homes being built.  Some builders are better than others, some of their sub-contractors are better in one subdivision than in others, and some of their managers are better on certain projects than others.  ​You never know until you get it inspected. We would also encourage you to visit our friends at Homeowners for Better Building. We generally inspect your new home in three steps or phases.  Pre-Pour Foundation, Pre-Dry Wall, and Final Walk Through.  If that does not meet your needs please contact us.   ​Communication is key during this process between the new home buyer and the phase inspector.  New homes go up so quickly that an entire phase may be missed if the buyer is not communicating where in the construction process the builder has progressed.    Pre-Pour Foundation
  • Moisture barrier installation

  • Inspect plumbing

  • Foundation formwork

  • General site condition

  • Foundation Cables

  • Also ensures the builder and sub-contractors are aware that someone is involved in the process


  • Exterior walls and brick preparation

  • Poor quality, warped, missing and misplaced framing members

  • Anchor bolts

  • Slab and foundation

  • Electrical and plumbing installations

  • HVAC rough-ins and duct conditions

  • Air Handler condensation drain and overflow drain lines

  • Water Heater

Final Home Inspection

  • We do a Full Texas General Home Inspection